Chained Echoes coming physically to Nintendo Switch

Chained Echoes  | Nintendo Switch

First Press Games has revealed that RPG Chained Echoes will be released physically for Nintendo Switch, Playstaion 4 and PC, everyone who pre-orders any edition of the game between November 8 and December 11 will receive a bronze numbered collector's coin for free with their order, limited to one per customer. Nintendo Switch editions will have different currency motifs than other versions. This offer is limited to one bronze coin per console variation for each customer.

About the game

Chained Echoes is a story-driven JRPG where a group of heroes travel around the vast continent of Valandis to bring an end to the war between its three kingdoms. 

In the course of their journey, they will travel through a wide array of diverse landscapes spanning from wind-tanned plateaus and exotic archipelagos to sunken cities and forgotten dungeons.

Take up your sword, channel your magic or board your Mech. Chained Echoes is a 16-bit SNES style RPG set in a fantasy world where dragons are as common as piloted mechanical suits.

Follow a group of heroes as they explore a land filled to the brim with charming characters, fantastic landscapes and vicious foes.

Can you bring peace to a continent where war has been waged for generations and betrayal lurks around every corner?



- 30 - 40 hours of play time

- Fast paced turn-based battles

- No random encounters; enemies can be seen running around

- Tons of items to be looted, stolen or crafted

- Complex skill and equipment system

- Customize your own airship

- Travel and fight by foot or in your Mech

- 16-bit SNES style graphics

- Music inspired by PSX RPGs

About each edition

First Press Games has prepared some editions for the physical release of Chained Echoes on Nintendo Switch, we list each of them below:

Chained Echoes Regular Edition - Nintendo Switch

Regular Edition includes:

- physical game disc or cartridge (region free)

- cover with interior art

- 60 page in-depth manual in English (or Japanese in case of JP Regular Edition)

- leather-style slipcase

- foldout world map

- trophy guide (PS4) / quick instruction guide (Switch)

- silver-colored coin (numbered)

Retro Edition includes:

- base game

- same features as the Regular Edition

- SNES-style Big Box packaging with inlay (designed to resemble the European releases of JRPGs like Mystic Quest, Secret of Mana and Terranigma, which came in such a large box to house their guidebooks along with the game)

- Paperback Chronicles Book

- DIN A4 sized

- paperback binding

- 50+ pages

- double sided DIN A2 poster

- gold-colored coin (numbered)

Limited Edition includes:

- base game

- same features as the Regular Edition

- premium box with item tray

- gold-colored coin (numbered)

- double sided DIN A2 poster

- clearfiles with exchangeable Japanese cover, manual & more!

- premium 2CD soundtrack

- original game soundtrack

- premium jewel case

- spine card (OBI-style)

- 12 page booklet in English

- hardcover chronicles bBook

- DIN B5 sized

- high-quality hardback cover

- 50+ pages

Super Limited Edition includes:

- everything from the Collector’s Edition, plus:

- bronze + silver coin (meaning all 3 coins are included)

- handmade jewelry (Made in Germany)

- red & yellow authentic baltic amber

- real silver parts (precious metal)

- neck chain & motif (precious metal)exclusive pendant

- exclusive wooden music box

- wind-up notes loop

- based on music from the original soundtrack

- engraved Chained Echoes logo

Check out the trailer

Game: Chained Echoes
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Matthias Linda - Deck13
Publisher: First Press Games
Release Date: December 2022
Price: € 49,99 - € 299,99
Were to buy: First Press Games


  1. Crazy that this article was posted in 2022 and nearly 1.5 years later, it still hasn't been shipped.

    They really shouldn't announce these until they're almost ready to ship

    1. Yeah, the worst part is that not even the games announced before it were shipped