Gargoyles Remastered getting physical release on Nintendo Switch

Collector's Edition of Gargoyles Remastered with Figure, VHS Box, Steel Book and Enamel Pin

Gargoyles Remastered | Nintendo Switch | Physical Release

Limited Run Games has confirmed the physical release of Gargoyles Remastered on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, pre-orders start tomorrow, September 8, 2023.

For this release fans will have two editions Standard ($34.99) and Collector's Edition ($174.99) the latter includes, Physical copy, Hinge-style box that plays voice line from Keith David, the voice of Goliath, White Retro Plastic VHS Clamshell Case, VHS Tape Box, Limited Edition Neca Goliath Action Figure, Reversible 18" x 24" Poster, Certificate of Authenticity, Enamel Pin and a Steel Book®

Gargoyles Remastered is a platform game developed by Disney Software and originally released for Sega Genesis in 1995

The new version was announced almost a year ago during the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, the development is from the studio Empty Clip, responsible for Streets of Kamurocho, a "crossover" of Streets of Rage with Yakuza

Gargoyles Remastered will feature visual enhancements and an updated control's system.

Fans can pre-order their copies here

About the game:


Blast through 1,000 years of gothic adventure with the stone-crushing strength of the legendary Goliath. Challenge armies of Ancient Viking Warriors. Smash relentless hordes of 3D robots in modern day Manhattan. Your Goal - To find and destroy the Evil Eye of Odin before it destroys the world.

Featuring remastered visuals and controls!



- Play as Goliath, leader of the Gargoyles: Use stone-crushing strength, scale stone towers and buildings with razor-sharp claws, and glide through the air as you master mid-air attacks and hand-to-hand combat in non-stop action to save the world from destruction.

- Immersive Graphics Experience: Seamlessly toggle in real-time between graphics inspired by the animated series and classic 16-bit mode true to the original game.

- Authentic Gargoyles Experience: Relive the story of Goliath and the Gargoyles’ battle against the evil Eye of Odin with new animations and sound effects inspired by the Gargoyles animated series.

- Customize Your Experience: Tailor your gameplay with modern features including instant rewind, wide-screen presentation, and achievements!

- Remastered Soundtrack: Experience the original soundtrack, remastered and optimized for a more immersive adventure.

Collector's Edition includes

- Physical copy of Gargoyles Remastered for Nintendo Switch

- Gargoyles Remastered Hinge-style box that plays voice line from Keith David, the voice of Goliath

- Gargoyles Remastered White Retro Plastic VHS Clamshell Case

- Gargoyles Remastered VHS Tape Box

- Limited Edition Neca Goliath Action Figure

- Reversible 18" x 24" Poster

- Certificate of Authenticity 

- Enamel Pin 

- SteelBook®

cover of the game Gargoyles Remastered with a Gargoyle on top of a building looking at the city below


Main info

When will Gargoyles Remastered be released?  
- Gargoyles Remastered will be available in physical format in 2024

Where to buy Gargoyles Remastered?
- Gargoyles Remastered is available on Limited Run Games

Which console will Gargoyles Remastered be released for?
- Gargoyles Remastered will be released on Nintendo Switch

Who developed Gargoyles Remastered?
Gargoyles Remastered were developed by Empty Clip

What is the price of Gargoyles Remastered?
$34.99 - $174.99

Check out the trailer: