Friday, November 10, 2023

Slime Girl Smoothies getting physical release on Nintendo Switch

Slime Girl Smoothies | Nintendo Switch | Physical Release

Funbox Media has revealed Slime Girl Smoothies as its next physical release for the Nintendo Switch, the sexy puzzle game developed by Shady Corner Games and East Asiasoft Limited arrives in physical form on December 8, 2023.

The physical edition of Slime Girl Smoothies includes the most up-to-date version of the game on a physical cartridge and 8 glossy double-sided art cards inside a special box, plus exclusive fully uncensored images unlockable through gameplay for this edition.

Fans can now pre-order their physical copies at the Funbox Media store or through partner Video Games Plus who will distribute the physical copies exclusively.

About the game

Mix it up with juicy bartenders!

Enjoy a fresh blend of puzzle mechanics and character interplay as you visit Slimy’s bar, where all the lovely hostesses are slime girls with their own unique way of serving up drinks! Slime Girl Smoothies unites dating sim interaction and dialogue with puzzle elements where you act as a new floor manager at the bar, working with the girls to create wacky drink combinations and watching them entertain with their mixing skills! Every girl is passionately voiced, whether it’s Berry and her daughter Cherry or coworkers Mint and Plum!

As drink orders come in, take your time making selections and getting the formula right, then enjoy the show! As you progress, you’ll talk with the girls and make new memories with them. Every few shifts, they’ll get crazier than usual and let their slime girl freak flags fly, unlocking new images to collect. With more than 100 frames of animation and 20 CGs to discover, Slime Girl Smoothies offers a full menu of flavourful content to keep you coming back!



- Exclusive fully uncensored images unlockable through gameplay

- 8 glossy double-sided art cards

- Fill drink orders with addictive and engaging puzzle mechanics!

- Watch slime girls mix ingredients using their unique assets.

- Get to know the bartenders through dialogue and event CGs!

- Enjoy voiceovers that could make you melt.

- Unlock a collection of juicy images as you progress!

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