Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn getting a physical release on Nintendo Switch


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Tengo Project, Natsume
This item will be released in 2024

Strictly Limited revealed the physical release of Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn. The remake of the classic 2D action game originally released for the NES in 1990 will be available in physical versions on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 in summer 2024.

Two editions will be available: the limited edition and the collector's edition. The latter, limited to 2500 copies, includes a manual, controller stand, original soundtrack, collector coin, desk mat, sticker sheet and poster.

Shadow of the Ninja is a side-scrolling game by Natsume published in 1990 for the Famicom (NES). The remake was announced by ININ Games and Natsume Atari in August 2023, with a release scheduled for the first half of 2024.

Fans and collectors can now pre-order their physical copies with Strictly Limited

About - 

Welcome to the year 2029, a dystopian future where two formidable warriors emerge from the shadows to save the nation! After 33 years of anticipation, Tengo Project unveils the legendary action-adventure, Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn, in a new and improved light.

Experience the revival of a classic ninja adventure with Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn. Originally released in 1990 for the NES, this side-scrolling action game is now meticulously remastered after 33 years by the original development team. Despite an average age of 55, the team's passion for game development remains unwavering.

The ninja protagonists, Hayate and Kaede, have undergone a significant visual upgrade, transforming their original 8-bit models into stunning high-quality sprites. Every aspect of this title, from deadly foes to treacherous stages, has been faithfully recreated.

Step into the shadows, wield your katana, and navigate the concrete jungle of the future in this dark action gem, Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn! Combat options are expanded with a variety of weapons and ninja tools, including throwing ninja tools for long-range assaults and powerful close-combat weapons. Engage in battles using ninja swords, chains, a gunpowder gun, cannonball, shurikens, a giant club, a machete, iron caltrops, and healing rice balls.

Recognized as one of the best 2-player co-op experiences of its time, the classic co-op mode makes a return, allowing players to rediscover the joy of playing together. Choose to tackle challenges solo or team up with a friend to face formidable enemies. Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn brings back the excitement of the original game, offering a nostalgic yet refreshing gaming experience.

The remake also features contributions from Iku Mizutani, the star composer behind iconic Natsume sounds and renowned NES game tracks. Retro gaming enthusiasts will revel in Mizutani's guitar riffs and fast-paced melodies!

Features - 

- Enjoy the NES classic with stunning modern pixel art, a signature of Tengo Project's visual style.

- Balancing the charm of the original with modern enhancements, Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn delivers an immersive experience for both dedicated fans and newcomers.

- Experience upgraded mechanics, including new weapons, tools, and dynamic dash move, offering a fresh take on the platformer.

- Play solo as Hayate or Kaede, or team up in 2-player mode for cooperative ninja action, maintaining the fast-paced action roots.

- Navigate through five completely recreated stages with devious traps and challenging platform puzzles. 
Unveil a sixth entirely new stage for added excitement!

- Embark on an Epic sound journey with electrifying guitar riffs and fast-paced retro melodies of the star-studded soundtrack by Hiroshi Iwatsuki and Iku Mizutani!

- Supports the following audio languages: English, Japanese

- And subtitles: English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese (simplified) 

Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn

Collectors Edition - 

Limited Edition
- Strictly Limited Edition of the Nintendo Switch game with an exclusive cover design. Game is serialized and includes a colorful 


Controller Stand
Store up to two of your controllers in style! Guided by Hayate and Kaede, this acrylic stand keeps holding on to your controllers until you're ready to resume the game. 

Original Soundtrack
Outstanding music by Hiroshi Iwatsuki and Iku Mizutani including both original and new tracks accompanying this legendary ninja game. 

Collector Coin
Flip a coin in case you're not sure which ninja to select! Metal coin with ninja character designs.

Desk Mat
Japanese-inspired writing mat capturing the ninja warriors Hayate and Kaede. 

Sticker Sheet
Several stickers showing amazing pixel art of game's characters and opponents.

Boss & Stage Card Set
Eight cards including concept art of the main bosses on the front and further information on their respective levels of appearance on the back. 

Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn's outstanding Key Visual on a large poster (DIN A2 folded to DIN A5). 

Trailer - 

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