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This item will be released in September 19, 2024

Ikki Unite: The Glorious Return of the Underdog!

Yes, you read that right. No need to clean your glasses or pinch yourself—you’re wide awake! Ikki Unite is making a grand return in 2024! Face off against a locust plague threatening our very existence. Enlist up to 16 friends in this erratic multiplayer bullet hell, sprinkled with Roguelite mechanics.
This isn’t just a game; it’s a rebellion bringing back the charm, the chaos, and the "What am I even playing?" vibe of the original 1985 classic.

Grab your bamboo: Ikki Unite. Because every game deserves a redemption arc, even this one. Get ready for a journey filled with laughter, wrinkled eyes, and the kind of fun that only comes when you don't take yourself too seriously. Welcome back, Ikki, we've absolutely not missed you.


- 16-Player Mayhem: Ikki Unite can be played by up to 16 players simultaneously in online cooperation. 

- Create your squad joining Gonbe, the forty-something vigilante, Magoichi, the trigger-happy legend and many others!

- 4 Classes: Play as one of the four archetypes: Explorers, Attackers, Enhancers and Healers!

- Epic Action: So much action, you’ll forget you’re playing what was once dubbed the worst NES™ game ever

- Roguelite Madness: A different adventure every time you play, chose between a wide set of randomized items and bonuses! Because predictability is so 1985

Ikki Unite Limited Edition

Limited Edition- 

- Switch Game: Ikki Unite
- Gonbe Plush
- Scroll
- Folding Fan
- Original Soundtrack CD
- Special Tsuzura Box and Famicom-style Sleeve

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