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This item will be released in September 10, 2024

In Let's School, you take on the role of a principal tasked with the challenge of
revamping and managing your alma mater! The game features two core mechanics: the
construction and designing of the school and managing the dynamics of students and

Each student has unique interests and aspirations, making your role as
headmaster more complex. Balancing factors like your school's reputation, satisfying
students' basic needs, overseeing academic pressure, and managing aspects like
clothing, food, and travel provide an immersive and challenging experience. 

Aside from the usual responsibilities of a headmaster, you are also tasked with managing various issues that originate outside the school, including mysterious dangers and potential
threats that might cause things to go bananas!


- Build Your School - The architectural design of the school is a blank canvas for the
player. With the freedom to plan and construct various functional facilities and access
to hundreds of educational equipment, you define your institution's aesthetic and
practical landscape.

- Customize Your Students - The fate of teachers and students lies in your hands. The
recruitment process, teaching methodologies, and personal growth of teachers and
students rest on your decisions. Enhancing the skills of your teachers opens up
opportunities for them in different roles. You can influence student morale and
academic performance by offering elective courses, thereby
shaping their future life paths.

- Face School Devilment - The management of school discipline is another crucial
responsibility. Be mindful of the impact of school facilities on student morale and
beware of signs of student distress. Overeating in the canteen could lead to weight
gain, while an increase in eyeglass usage could signal excessive stress. To maintain
discipline, monitor for contraband among students and establish an effective
punishment system.

- Enrich School Life - Fostering a balanced school environment through field days,
morning exercises, school club activities and various events could help students
regulate their emotions.

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