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This item will be released in June 30, 2025

With character designer, Kei Nanameda, and scenario supervisor, Makoto Kedouin — writer for Corpse Party — back for the third installment of the Death end re;Quest series, where a new protagonist, Sayaka Hiwatari, enters a story of parallel universes where she is unable to decipher who's a friend or foe. 

“What is the Death end re;Quest series?” A thrilling RPG in which a group of young people traverse a world tainted by bugs, death threatening them at every turn as they confront mysteries and danger. It is packed with despair-inducing Death Ends written by Makoto Kedouin, acclaimed writer of Corpse Party.


- Story - Step into a tale of parallel universes...Iris was born in World DE-1, a world that mirrors Earth in the 2000s. With her birth, a series of tragic loops was set in motion, which were gradually unraveled by the efforts of Arata Mizunashi and his team.

- Restored Goodwill - With her goodwill restored, Iris created a copy of World DE-1 named World DE-1.5. Here, feuds gave way to friendship, each person a perfect cog in a perfect world.

- Crisis - But a new crisis threatens the peace...A mysterious man has entered the fray, and he leads a group of people who look identical to the world's former heroes.

- Our New Hero - Sayaka Hiwatari, confronts the rising chaos, where friends and foes seem impossible to distinguish. And so, the battle with another world enters a new phase.

- Languages – English in-game text and English & Japanese in-game voices.


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