Hookah Haze

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"Anything you want to try doing?"
The protagonist, Toru Sumiki, loses the will to live after being diagnosed with a fatal illness. Toru's doctor insists they should make the most of the little time they have left, and they sign on as a temporary manager of a hookah lounge.

Through this new job, Toru meets three very unusual girls. Although cheerful at a glance, they're battling with work problems or past trauma,
searching for a place to belong. As Toru begins to bond with them through hookah, what will they find once the girls fully open up?


- Experience the individual stories of each heroine, with a total gameplay time of around 10 hours
- The heroines visiting the lounge will change based on the recommended recipes shared on social media
- Each heroine's story has multiple endings influenced by the choices made throughout the game
- Achieve the happy endings for all three heroines to unlock new endings and discover more about the story

Hookah Haze
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- Base Game
- Character Acrylic Stand
- Quicksand Acrylic Brick
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