Temirana: The Lucky Princess and The Tragic Knights

Temirana: The Lucky Princess and The Tragic Knights cover
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Idea Factory / ichicolumn
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This item will be released in June 30, 2025

Meet Cecilia Farias Temirana, the third princess of Temirana, as she navigates her reputation as part of the royal family alongside her newly recruited royal guard made up of the 5 Tragic Knights. With up to 5 romanceable characters, take part in a world where luck meets tragedy and curses become blessings.


- The knights behind the shining armor – From the minds of director Ayumi Takagi (Hana Yaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku), main scenario writer Uta Amamiya (Charade Maniacs), and character designer Nitaka (Touken Ranbu), comes a tale of luck, tragedy, and love developed by otome mainstay ichicolumn!

- The kingdom of Temirana awaits – Enjoy a deep storyline with five possible routes that blends political intrigue with romance and drama. Follow the hierarchy in the Temirana family bloodline and discover the personal histories of the Tragic Knights as Cecilia balances her expectations as a princess with her relationships with her newly appointed royal guard.

- Fortune favors the lucky – Certain choices appear when the Lucky Princess is in danger. She has a special ability to see impending dangers highlighted by a glow, but it is up to the player to decide how to avoid these dangers. Make the right choices to avoid even the greatest of tragedies.

- The ultimate choice is yours! – The Lucky Princess is faced with making paramount decisions that can have valuable results. These choices appear during individual routes and are the only way to access certain epilogues after individual character endings, so there is a lot riding on these particular selections!

- Languages and more - English in-game text and Japanese in-game voice. Comes with reversible cover.