WitchSpring R confirmed for a physical release on Nintendo Switch

WitchSpring R cover
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Kiwi Walks
$39.99 - $119.99
This item will be released in September 3, 2024

PM-Studios has confirmed the physical release of WitchSpring R on the Nintendo Switch and PS5. The physical editions of the story-based RPG developed by Kiwi Walks arrive on September 3rd.

WitchSpring R will have both a standard edition and a collector's edition; the latter includes a special CE outer box, Pieberry figure, physical game, OST download voucher, hardcover art book, and new costume “Silver Rose” set for Pieberry download voucher.

WitchSpring R will be released digitally on August 29, 2024, followed by a physical release on September 3.


WitchSpring R is a story-driven RPG combining elements of simulation,  collecting & crafting, and battling. Experience the joy of training a young witch and accompany her on a grand adventure! Play as Pieberry, a white-haired, bunny-eared witch growing up in a forest filled with monsters. To relive her childhood memories (eating delicious food!), she longs to venture among humans, but she can't find a way to the outside world... until your story begins! A world of new experiences is waiting for YOU to explore with her.


- Train Pieberry in all kinds of skills to make her more powerful! Your choices decide her future growth.
- Collect and fuse various magic ingredients. Cook magical meals for Pieberry to increase her magic abilities.
- "Feed" unneeded nutrients to Pieberry's staff to upgrade it in the direction you choose.
- English in-game text and Japanese and Korean in-game voice.

WitchSpring R Collector's Edition

Collector's Edition-

- Special CE outer box
- Pieberry figure
- Physical game
- OST download voucher
- Hardcover art book
- New costume “Silver Rose” set for Pieberry download voucher.