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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Front Mission 1st: Remake Review

Front Mission 1st: Remake | Review

Collectors are already receiving their physical copies of Front Mission 1st: Remake to unbox (or not) and enjoy this new version of the classic that arrives at Nintendo Switch with updated visuals. We at Physical Releases received a copy, courtesy of Forever Limited, to show you guys all the details.

Firstly, a special thanks to Forever Limited for kindly sending us a copy for review, this and other Limited and Exclusive editions are available for immediate purchase directly from the publisher.

Front Mission 1st: Remake includes:

– Reversible cover

– Physical game

– Instruction manual

– Numbered card

The physical edition of Front Mission 1st: Remake distributed by Forever Limited features a reversible cover, with one side having the standard style seen in other physical games, which means, including the rating on the front and information about the game as well as screenshots and alerts on the back, the variant cover has a cleaner style, free of texts, screenshots, and alerts on the back and the PEGI rating, only the Nintendo Switch and the publisher Microids logos are present on the front art; everything else is filled with gorgeous illustrations.

Each copy also includes a high-quality, full-color manual providing general information about the game's controls and characters, which is sure to excite older collectors accustomed to the beautiful manuals that came with games until the mid-2000s but have now been abandoned. A while ago.

A beautiful, high-quality numbered double-sided exclusive card follows the edition provided by Forever Limited; on one side we have the number referring to your copy (will you be the lucky one with copy 0001), and on the other we have an illustration with the logo of the game.



In general, the physical edition of Front Mission 1st: Remake is an excellent addition to the collection; you can see special care in every detail; it's really wonderful to have an edition filled with goodies with all the items produced with high-quality materials; and it is very pleasant to be able to leaf through a manual with all those beautiful illustrations. I'm sure everyone will be very happy with their copies.

Congratulations to the entire team involved in this project, and thank you for providing us with a perfect item.

Well, this is our review for the physical edition of Front Mission 1st: Remake, remembering that you can purchase your copy from Forever Limited by clicking here.

If you are a publisher and would like to send a copy for review, please contact us.

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